Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rough times for us all.

The continuing oil spill crisis has brought out the best and the worst in many of us. Coastal residents, for the most part, are doing what they can to survive the possible end of their way of life. British Petroleum is spending millions on apology ads in the media, money that should be going to the victims and to clean-up on the coast, in the wetlands, and for wildlife. And the media has had a field day yakking about President Obama's lack of passion or attitude. What do they want? Do they think Obama should weep as he says "I feel your pain"? Sorry, that one's taken. Do they want a raging fury that promises Armageddon for BP? These are not the man Barrack Obama. He is a man who feels, but he is also a methodical and logical thinker, one who studies a problem, consults with the best minds, and then acts. Since he was elected he has been attacked, especially by the GOP and the crazed right wing fringe for everything he has supported. Whether it is the oily Rush Limbaugh, the innane Sarah Palin, the lunatic Glen Beck or the daily sniping of cartoonists like Mike Lester of the Rome News Tribune, Obama has been viciously attacked for acting or not acting. In all of this, the civility that needs to be in public discourse is sadly missing. And it seems likely we won't see it again for some time. But at least there should be a moratorium on damning the President. Show some respect, folks!

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