Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Last night we watched the serious comedy THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, which has been touted as an Oscar contender for 2010. This film reeks with the California life style and weather. It never rains, people drink too much, crises loom in every corner of the kitchen or bedroom, and that's just for openers. Filled with some of the best actors around, KIDS explores the lives of two happily married lesbians, one an uptight doctor, the other a free spirit who wants to talk everything through. They are the parents of two delightful teens. All is well until the kids hook up with their sperm donor. At first glance, Mark Ruffalo is certainly more than all right--he's casual, cool, owns his own restaurant, rides a motorcycle, the works. But things develop, putting a great strain on the relationship of the lesbian parents. Annette Beining and Julianne Moore give heart-wrenching performances as their love is tested by their children and this new man in their lives. In fact, all the acting is natural. This could be any married couple facing the reefs in their mid=years. Except for the excessive use of graphic sex and language, this is a very fine film.

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  1. From the opener here, I thought this film was going to get a thumbs down, but it sounds "alright"! Maybe it'll be a good one for these cold nights.