Monday, February 13, 2012

I Just can't get enough of this series!

Tense competition, sudden death, lots of mouth-smacking, gorgeous clothes, spectacular sets, and over-heated drama!! No, I'm not talking about last night's Grammy Awards. I am talking DOWNTON ABBEY, which last night packed more drama, romance, and between floors intrigue than most series do in years. First, those kisses. Matthew, who has miraculously recovered his legs and his manhood, waltzes with Mary while the set swirls around them, Scorcese style, only to be seen by his ailing fiance Lavinia who overhears his profession of love for Mary, and....several shots later, dies of Spanish flu after telling Matthew he should drop her for Mary. Oh, the guilt. Then we see Bates and Anna consumate their love after a rushed marriage, a scene that probably could have used less light (like none), but soon Bates is arrested for his former wife's murder. Can anyone find happiness?

Third, Lady Sybil and Tom (the chauffeur!), the classic class war couple, finally get close enough for a little peck, throwing the family into an aristocratic tizzy. And last, and most shocking, Sir Richard kisses a parlour maid and almost goes for more, until his wife recovers from her near-death dance with Spanish flu.

And there was much, much more to enjoy. I cannot remember a series that offered tragedy, suspense, social insight, and beautiful people in such large dollops. All I can say is, "Please, sirs, I want MORE!"

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