Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The recent outrage caused by Rush Limbaugh involved his incredibly stupid, totally misogynistic, and cruel attack on Sandra Fluke, a young woman who testified before an unofficial hearing about contraception and who should pay for it. Miss Fluke, a Georgetown student, said that she represented the women of Georgetown (a Jesuit school). She said also the school does not offer compensation for contraception. Rush jumped to the bait and accused Fluke of being a "slut," "a prostitue," who wants "to be paid to have sex." He also accused her of having so much sex that we the people would be paying for it. According the shock jock, Fluke should "post videos so we can all watch." He extended his tirade for several days and finally offered two tepid apologies that blamed his poor choice of words, not the hatred behind them. First, the school nor the tax payer will not being a cent. It's up to the insurance companies, and, if Obama Care stays on the books, the government and tax payers stand to benefit. Naturally, Rus is trying to stir hot issues among far right Republicans--abortion, gay marriage, taxes, health care, and contraception.

This may be the core of the problem. Rush Limbaugh is only the nastiest symptom of a national disease (one which he fostered and supports), hatred for any person or group with whom you disagree. The battle for civility seems almost impossibe. Turn the other cheek? The millions who listen to Limbaugh on his 600 radio affiliates want to hear such narrow-minded filth. What has happened to our country?

The responses from the GOP candidates were weak and frightened, as if wishing to say more but lacking the guts to do so. And this brings us to
last Sunday's Fareed Zakaria political program The The Global Public Square. His first guest was Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was Jimmy Carter's
Advisor on National Security Affairs and a man of reason and statesmanship.
Not only did he criticize the GOP primary candidates he also considered them a disgrace to the process. He stated what many feel: "They are embarrassing to our political system" America will choose its President in November. Let us hope for civility and an end to hatred, but let us be ready to fight.

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